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Using Kapoosh® Around The House: Cutting Board As Serving Tray

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Brownies on cutting board

We love having food days here in the office. Everyone always brings so many tasty treats! This week being the day before Halloween it was a perfect day for to bring treats, and one remarkable colleague brought us all brownies. As this is the Kapoosh® office and we are always looking for new ways to use these awesome products we served the brownies up on a Kapoosh® Bamboo Cutting Board

It stemmed off into a conversation about all the other foods for which we could use these stylish cutting boards as serving trays. The large cutting board was perfect for a batch of brownies, but we thought the small board would be great as a cheese plate (I'm sure you'll see this in the future). The Kapoosh® Bamboo Cutting Boards are sturdy and attractive, making them perfect for both prepping and serving appetizers at any party.

What do you use your Kapoosh® products for around the house? We'd love to see your ideas in the comments below!