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These Kitchen Accessories are a Home Run

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

kitchen accessoriesAs spring training nears its end, and opening day is approaching in cities across the country, we've got America's pass time on the brain. Being Kapoosh, we've also got kitchen accessories on the brain! When it comes to kitchen accessories, ours are a home run. 

1.  5- Piece Knife Set

Need a new knife set? Alternatively, know someone who does? This 5-piece set is the perfect start for your basic kitchen needs. The full tang of the blade provides excellent balance for ease of use. Tasteful and simple the German Stainless Steel will look great in any kitchen. 

2.  Small and Large Bamboo Cutting Boards

These trendy cutting boards have a clean and stylish finish, making them beautiful and functional. The small board is perfect for cutting up small portions or snacks; the large is great when preparing a more substantial meal.

3.  Cut Resistant Gloves

Keep your hands safe for all your chopping, slicing and dicing. Kapoosh's cut resistant gloves provide level 4 cut protection. 

4.  Heat Resistant Gloves 

Avoid burning your hands when handling hot dishes and cookware by wearing our heat resistant gloves. Gloves will keep your protected from temperatures up to 660┬░F; making sure even cooking over an open fire, you don't get burned.