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Using Kapoosh® Around The House: Candy Cane Holder

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Candy Canes in Kapoosh Rotating Utensil Holder

I'm one of those people who just plain old loves the holidays. It is a time of year when families scattered across the country come together for some quality family time. Sure the stores get horribly crowded and busy, but it seems like everyone is just in a better mood during the holidays.

It's the little things this time of year that make me smile one of them being a dish of my favorite candy canes. Working in the Kapoosh® office as I do it struck me this year that I could use my Kapoosh® Rotating Utensil Holder for my candy canes this year. You could also stick the candy canes in your Kapoosh® Knife Block as well. I just happened to like the way they looked in my utensil holder.   

If you wanted to make the look more seasonal, you could wrap a big bow around the utensil holder, or do any holiday decoration. I personally only get one type of candy canes, but the divided sections would be perfect for a variety of flavors. I am choosing to keep this one at home, but it works fantastic in an office environment as well, after all, every office could use a little more cheer this time of year.