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Tips for Going Green in the Kitchen!

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Green is a great color in the kitchen, and it’s also a great kitchen lifestyle! Our new green Urban Knife Block and Hex Connex (tall and short) Caddies have inspired us to bring green to our kitchens.

Sure a cute space saving knife block is a good place to start, but what changes can you make at home to make your kitchen a little greener. We looked at a few ways you can make a positive impact just by changing your grocery and clean up habits.  

                                   Going green

1. Reusable bags

It's hard not to notice all of the cute reusable bags in just about every grocery store you enter. More than just adorable, these bags can help you make each trip to the store a bit greener. Get yourself a few (you don't need too many) and bring them with you whenever you go grocery shopping to replace the paper and plastic options at the register. Some grocery stores will even reward you with a little bit of savings for using reusable bags. I'm able to save 5¢ per bag at my local grocer.

2. Buy local

Support your local economy. Heading over to the local farmers market isn't just a great way to spend a morning or afternoon; it's another chance to keep your kitchen green. Local farmers make the trip each week with their harvest to sell at the farmers market, an opportunity for you to get your food from the source. Many of these farmers aren't using any harmful pesticides or chemicals to grow their food, helping to keep your family, the local economy and the environment healthy.

3. Recycle

Make sure when you are cleaning up, that you aren't just tossing everything in the trash! Check containers to see if they are recyclable and have a separate receptacle for these items. Many waste services also offer to recycle, if not check online for a local recycling drop.

4. Wait until the dishwasher is FULL

A dishwasher is a fantastic appliance, and time saver for cleanup. Make sure to save water and don't run yours until it is full.

There are many things you can do to make your kitchen a little greener, and these are just a few simple starter tips. We'd love to hear what you're doing at home to stay green!