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Throw a Kapoosh Pizza Party

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Very few things make me as happy as hearing the words "pizza party" meaning National Pizza Day on February 9th, is an extra exciting day for me. At home, school or the office, a pizza party gives a fun break from the regular day to day activity.

If you're a fan of the pizza party too, Kapoosh can help you pull it all together. From the knives to the cutting board, and the utensil holder, Kapoosh provides the final touch for any party involving food.  

No pizza cutter? No problem! Our Exakt Kut Chef's Knife makes cutting your pizza easy. Start with the point of the knife, and use the entire blade to cut through the pizza.

The large bamboo cutting board makes for a great serving tray and a great place to cut your pizza. Cut your pizza on a cutting board to avoid scratching or damaging your pizza pans.

Order from your favorite pizza joint, or make your own, plain cheese, meat loves, or veggie delight. There is a pizza for everyone. Gather your friends, family, and colleagues for a pizza party, dig in, catch up and enjoy. 

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