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Summer is Barbecue Season

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Kapoosh BBQ

Now that Memorial Day weekend is behind us, it seems like there is a new barbecue to go to every week! Maybe you've even got some plans to host one yourself while that summer sun is shining.

Everywhere has it's own barbecue style, but nearly all of them include a lot of delicious food, good friends, family and maybe a few drinks. Keeping in mind that a barbecue is supposed to be a relaxing event, don't stress out when it comes your time to host. Remember everyone is there to relax and have fun, the rest will fall into place.

Safe bets for your food include:

• Burgers ( meat and vegetarian)

• Hot dogs and brats 

• Pulled pork or chicken

• Brisket 

• Beans

• Coleslaw

• Salad (fruit and green)

The list could go on and on, but as long as you pick a few of these items, your cookout will be a hit. Know your guest list, don't have all meat options when you've invited a vegetarian, be sure you have at least a couple things that each person can enjoy. I like to do my set up for food in a buffet style for a large group or a serve yourself family style for a small group. Serve yourself allows everyone to take only the items they want, and only as much as they want.

Drinks are your call, depending on the group you may provide beer, wine, and soda, but request that guests bring the hard stuff themselves if they want it. You may opt for BYOB all together, just be sure you at least have water or soda on hand as well.

Relax and enjoy!