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Something Blue- Kapoosh Kitchen

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Something Blue

It's wedding season! The big days for all of those invitations papering your fridge are all coming up. Whether you need a shower gift, or a wedding gift "something blue" and weddings just go together. 

Whether the couple is getting a new home together, or updating their current dwelling, they probably need/want things for the kitchen! Chances are the couple is still using things they got either in or recently after college, and wedding and shower gifts are a great way to refresh and update. 

Why not make your gift "something blue" for the kitchen? Of course, I recommend an aqua blue  Urban or Hex Connex in either tall and short! Need more inspiration check out our "Blue Kitchen" Pinterest board to see some other beautiful blue kitchen ideas. 

Some of the easiest options to add a splash of blue are accent pieces, which happen to make great gifts! Vases, coffee mugs, a piece of art, these are things we often don't buy for ourselves, but they help bring a home together. Think about when you were decorating your home, what are the things you needed or wanted most. That is always a safe place to start when purchasing a gift.

Of course for weddings registry is key as well, know the couple and don't veer from that if it's not their style!