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Snowman Kapoosh

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Snowman knife block

Does winter feel like it's dragging on? After the excitement of the holidays and the beginning of a new year, the rest of winter just seems to drag on. Have a little fun with it, think about the things that make winter beautiful and fun.

One of my favorite things about winter is the snow. We don't have much of it out my way this year, so I thought I would bring a little snow and winter beauty to my kitchen. I love playing in the snow, and building snowmen, if I can't have one in my yard, why not have one on my counter. 


• Kapoosh (mine is a Tall Hex-Connex)

• White construction paper

• Red construction paper

• Black construction paper

• Scissors

• Tape or glue


1. Cut the white construction paper to size.

2. Wrap the white construction paper around Kapoosh and secure with tape.

3. Cut three circles out of the black construction paper for buttons

4. Tape or glue buttons in a row down the front of your Kapoosh 

5. Cut two strips of red construction paper.

6. Secure one red strip around Kapoosh as a scarf.

7. Trim one end of the other piece to look like scarf fringe, and secure at an angle under the first strip (see image).

8. Cut two small circles of black construction paper to serve as eyes.

9. Secure eyes to Kapoosh with tape or glue.

10. Cut a sliver of red construction paper to serve as the mouth. 

11. Secure mouth to Kapoosh with tape or glue. 

12. Cut hat out of black construction paper.

13. Secure hat to Kapoosh with glue or tape.