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Makeup Organization Made Easy with Kapoosh

Posted by Meg on

Eye Pencil Storage

My makeup drawer is a mess and I can never find the right eye liner pencil in my makeup stash. Luckily I work for Kapoosh, and have one sitting on my desk to store all my pens and scissors. So I thought why not store my makeup eye liner and eye brow pencils and brow comb?

I brought home the Kapoosh mini block, our Clutter Cube and put it right on my bathroom counter. Now all my makeup pencils are organized! Makeup organizer made easy with Kapoosh! Now if only my foundation, blushes and nail polishes could fit in a Kapoosh. My bathroom would be even more organized.

Check back with our Kapoosh blog to find out how other people around our office use their Kapoosh’s at home. Also feel free to comment on your favorite Kapoosh block on our website and write a review how you use your Kapoosh.