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Make Your Kitchen Fun with Orange

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Orange kitchen

Orange is a great summertime color! The Juice is refreshing, you see it in the flower beds, and the fruit looks great in a bowl on your kitchen counter.

If you're anything like me, you are always trying to find subtle ways to be a little bolder in your decor. I tend to be partial to neutrals, but I love to add a splash of bright color in the accents. The great thing about using your accents to add color to your kitchen is that they can easily be subbed out seasonally or changed as you see fit. While remodeling or re-painting the kitchen may be a daunting task that can take days or weeks; swapping out flowers in a vase, or putting fruit in a bowl is quick and easy. 

The Urban and Hex-Connex (Tall and Short) knife blocks and caddies are a fun, simple way to bring orange into your kitchen without going overboard. These slotless knife blocks provide storage for all of your knives, have a small footprint on the countertop (ideal for small kitchens) and add that splash of color you're looking for.

Looking for more inspiration for bringing this fun color into your home kitchen; check out our Orange Kitchen board on Pinterest. While you're there, check out our other boards for more kitchen inspiration.