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Knife Techniques For Cutting Four Common Foods

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

You've got your knives, and you've got your food, but you may be wondering about the best technique for cutting your food. Watch the video below to learn the cutting basics for four commonly used food items. We'll cover garlic, onion, tomato, and carrot. 


For dicing your fresh garlic, you're going to want to use your essential chef's knife. Start with a single clove, and crush it gently with the knife to separate the skin. Once you peel the skin off, you'll slice the clove, gather the pieces and slice again. Continue this process until you have finely diced pieces.


Slice your onion using a chef's knife. First remove the skin, then halve the onion. For each half do a "cross-hatch" style cut, cutting nearly all the way through one way, and then the other. Slice your halved onion to complete the dicing.


Due to the softness of a tomato, you'll want to use a serrated knife. First, cut out the stem then cut slices to your desired thickness.


Use a chef's knife to cut your carrots. Cut off the stem before halving the carrot. Then you can line up the two halves to dice. 

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