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Kapoosh Candy Dish

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

If you have already decided to decorate your knife block to dress up your kitchen, you can make an adorable candy dish out of a short Hex-Connex Knife Caddy too! You can decorate your Kapoosh for a fun seasonal knife block, or you can remove the rods to make a cute dish to keep some sweet treats. 

This candy dish is perfect for the kitchen counter at home, but admittedly mine is on my desk at the office so that I can nibble on a little candy corn throughout the day. 

Supplies Needed:

• Seasonal Wrapping Paper

• Scissors

• Paper plate or card-stock

• Tape

• Pen or Pencil

• Candy Corn (or other candy)

Picking the wrapping paper was my favorite part. I decided to make the outside of my Hex candy dish match the goodies inside it. Of course, you don't have to use candy corn, for me it's just a Halloween classic and an easy go-to. To put yours together follow the simple steps in the video:


1. Place knife caddy on paper plate, and trace around the bottom with your pen or pencil

2. Cut the tracing out with your scissors, take your time, there are some small inlets to cut around

3. Remove the flex rod insert

4. Tape cut out to the bottom of your Kapoosh

5. Take wrapping paper and measure Kapoosh

6. Cut wrapping paper, leaving just a little extra paper, about 3/4 inch longer than Kapoosh

7. Tape wrapping paper to Kapoosh and wrap around until you have covered the entire caddy

8. Cut excess paper and tape to secure

9. Cut wrapping paper at the top at the corners

10. Fold corners in, and tape to secure

11. Fill with your favorite candy

12. Enjoy!