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How To Kapoosh Your Watch Party For The Big Game

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on


The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday, and football and commercial fans are eagerly preparing. Whether you are headed to spend the day with family and friends, or you have decided to take on the role of host/hostess, we're all excited for the big game. 

For those, like me, hosting the watch party, you can be sure to include Kapoosh in the festivities. Here are a couple of the way's I will be using Kapoosh kitchen accessories in my home on Sunday:

1. Cutting Boards-

I will be utilizing both my small and large bamboo cutting boards when Sunday rolls around! In the morning I will use them for cutting and chopping the ingredients for all of the tasty snacks I'll be serving up. After washing them off, I'm going to put the stylish pieces to work as serving trays! I love using the small cutting board as a cheese platter with a variety of cheese and crackers. The large cutting board is my go to for serving the large batch of mini toasted ham/turkey and cheese sandwiches. 

2.  Rotating Utensil Holder-

Borrowing the same concept that worked out so well for me at  Thanksgiving, I will be using the utensil for my plastic wear and napkins. My team won't be playing in the big game so I will be decorating in the colors of both of the playing teams, and will enjoy seeing which colors my guests gravitate to!

3.  Cut Resistant and Heat Resistant Gloves

To protect my hands in the kitchen while getting ready I'll be wearing my Kapoosh gloves. The cut resistant glove allows me to slice and chop away without worrying that I'll cut myself, and the head resistant glove allows me to work near the stove and the oven and not burn my hands.