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How To Clean Your Hex Connex

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

It's important to keep your knife block clean. After all the knives you use to cut your food are in contact with it every day. To show you how simple it is to clean your Kapoosh we put together this video cleaning the Hex Connex. The same idea can be shared to clean any Kapoosh knife block.

The flex rods can easily be removed from the base, and cleaned before being returned. Of course, the first step is to remove all of your cutlery from the block, and if you have your Hex Connex connected to others, you will want to remove it from them. Then just follow these four steps:

1. Take your flex rods out of your Hex Connex

2. Clean thoroughly without bending the rods. It is best for this step to simply dip the ends of the rods in some soapy water and wipe with a wash cloth, do not submerge the whole base.

3. Rinse with clean water and leave out to dry.

4. Enjoy! 

Once your Hex Connex is clean and dry you can reconnect it to the others, and put all your knives back in! Color your kitchen clean.