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Get Apartment Ready with Kapoosh

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Kapoosh Apartment

Mid-July many college students and recent college grads are getting ready to move into either their first apartment or their first apartment on their own. It's such an exciting time! Walking around the stores and browsing the internet for all kinds of decorations, necessities, and accessories can wear you out. Where do you start? At Kapoosh, we always start in the Kitchen. We've got a few options in our line up that are perfect for your apartment!

1.  Hex-Connex

These fun knife caddies can connect to each other to create different designs and can hold as many or as few blades as you need. Tall caddies are tall enough to fit your standard bread and chef knives, and short are ideal for paring or steak knives. Hex is perfect if you are just getting started and only have a few knives. Start with one and get more as your collection grows. Not only for the kitchen, but these caddies will also look adorable on your desk too.

2.  Urban

The slim design of this knife block gives it a small footprint, fitting those apartments with limited counter space. The splash of color this block gives will help you to add color to your home, even if your landlord won't let you paint. 

3.  Utensil Holder

Not sure where to store all of those random utensils you've got? The stainless steel rotating utensil holder is functional and stylish. The removable riser helps shorter items remain easy to access, and the stainless steel will match any utensils in any kitchen.