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Fall is Finally Here, Time to Fill Your Kitchen with Fresh Picked Apples

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Apple Tree

After all the fun in the sun of summer ends, we get to enjoy the calmness of fall as the colors change and we transition to colder weather.

By the time September 22, the first day of fall rolls around, most families are back in their "school year" routine. Don't get so caught up in the business of your routines that you forget to stop and enjoy the colors because they never seem to last long enough, and winter is right on their tails.

My favorite thing to do with my family this time of year is to get outside and enjoy the days, as they seem to keep getting shorter. Make a leaf pile in the yard, or pack up the whole crew and head to the nearest apple orchard.

It is without question my favorite early fall activity. Walking around the orchard, enjoying a cool breeze, and picking my favorite apples right off the branch. The kids enjoy running up and down the rows of treats, and always asking, can I eat one yet? Each orchard tends to have a unique cider recipe, and walking around with a warm cup of fresh cider helps you let go of whatever has been weighing on your mind.

We always end up coming home with far more apples than we can eat before they go bad, so we head to the kitchen and whip up our fall apple favorites to use them up. Make a big batch of cider to keep you warm. You can even try to recreate the cup you had at the orchard if they are willing to share their recipe. Also popular in my home are apple cinnamon muffins, apple pies, caramel apples, pretty much the works! Remember for all this cooking and baking a good knife will make your apples easier to cut.