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Dress Up Your Kitchen This Halloween

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Have a little fun with your kitchen this Halloween, decorate your Kapoosh. The perfect way to add a little holiday pizzazz to your home. You can get as fancy as you like, when I decorated my  Hex-Connex Knife Caddies, I kept it simple with supplies I already had around the house. 


 • Construction Paper

• Tape style

• Whiteout  style

• Scissors style


Decorate Kapoosh Frankenstein

I used my short green Hex-Connex to make this adorable character. 

1. Cut a strip of purple construction paper to serve as a shirt, wrap around the base of the caddy and secure in place with a couple of pieces of tape.

2. Cut out two round pieces of black construction paper to serve as eyes. For added effect use white-out to paint eye whites. Use a piece of tape on the back of each eye to secure to caddy.

3. Cut a small piece of black construction paper for the mouth. You can make as big or as small of a smile as you like. Use another piece of tape to secure to the front.

4. Use any color you like to cut out "stitches" for the face, use a piece of tape to secure. I chose to place my stitches above the eye; however, you can put them wherever you like.

5. I used an eraser and finger moistening pad from my desk to place under the flex rod insert to raise it for the spiky hair look. 

Hex O' Lantern

JackOLantern Kapoosh knife block I used my tall orange Hex-Connex to make this Jack O' Lantern character.

1. Think of making the Jack O' Lantern face the same as you would when carving your pumpkin. Plan and draw it out before you start.

2. I used black construction paper to cut out a variety of eye shapes, nose shapes, and mouth shapes.

3. I put a different face on each "face" of my Hex-Connex Caddy.

4. For some faces, I used white out to add teeth to the mouth

5. For others, I added a hat or eyebrows.

6. Let your creativity shine!

Have some fun with it, add your personal style, or come up with an entirely different design.