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Dress Up Your Kitchen for the Holidays

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Holiday knife block image

As the season's change, so do the decorations around the house. By now my house is covered in lights and filled with garlands, a tree and a variety of holiday knickknacks I have gathered over the years.

My house growing up was always done, all out for the holidays, I always felt like for the season I was transported to another world, and it is always my goal to try to recreate that in my home now. I'm always looking to bring extra cheer to every room in the house. The kitchen is no exception. In addition to the themed plates, glasses, mugs, and everything else, I decided to decorate my Tall Kapoosh Hex Connex as well!

There seemed to be so many directions I could go with this task, I thought about doing a tree, but given that my Hex is red, Santa seemed an easy option. To recreate my "SantaPoosh" as I've been calling it here is all you need.

1. Construction Paper

• Black

• White

• Yellow

• Red

2. Scissors

3. Tape

4. Your Hex Connex (or other knife block)

Putting it all together was a breeze.

1. Cut two strips of white construction paper long enough to wrap around your Kapoosh. I chose to make one thicker than the other.

2. Wrap one of the white strips ( I used the thicker one) around the bottom of the Kapoosh and secure with tape.

3. Wrap the other white strip (I used the thinner one) around the top of the Kapoosh and secure with tape.

4. Cut a strip of black construction paper long enough to wrap around the Kapoosh.

5. Cut a rectangle of yellow construction paper, I made mine about twice as "tall" as the black strip, and about as wide as the "face" of my Hex.

6. Cut one slit at each end of the yellow rectangle that will allow you to "weave" the black strip through. The result will resemble a belt.

7. Wrap "belt" around Kapoosh and secure with tape.

8. For a final touch, I made a little "hat" out of a red piece of construction paper, and added a white tip to the end, and secured this to the side of the Hex with a piece of tape.

I got lucky that my Hex is red, however, if yours is not, you can wrap it in red construction paper before you begin the listed steps!