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Decorate Your Kapoosh for a Cute Thanksgiving Decoration

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

diy kitchen decoration

I love holidays and holiday decorations. I had a blast dressing up my Kapoosh Hex-Connex Knife Caddies for Halloween. It made me so sad to take them down this morning! Luckily now it's time to roll right from Halloween to fall's other favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

It didn't take me long to settle on "honoring" the star of the show for this month. The internet is full of turkey craft ideas, and if you have kids, their backpacks will be full of hand print turkeys and the like. I decided to hop right on the turkey bandwagon and decorate my hex as a turkey!

The project took just a few minutes and required little supplies, and I love the way it brings a little fall space to my kitchen counter.

Here's what I used:

• Hex-Connex (tall or short)

• Scissors

• Tape

• Construction Paper (I used brown, red, yellow, and orange)

Here's what I did:

1. Remove flex rod insert

2. Taped the brown construction paper to the Kapoosh

3. Rolled Kapoosh to wrap paper all the way around it, tape to secure

4. Trim top of paper, leaving a little at the top

5. Snip overhang at the corners, and fold down into Kapoosh, tape to secure

6. Cut "feathers" for turkey tail out of remaining construction paper, I cut 6, but you can make that tail as full as you like!

7. Tape "feathers" to hex in fan shape, sticking out from the top and sides

8. Replace flex rod insert

9. Enjoy your Kapoosh turkey!

Don't forget to check back for more decorate your Kapoosh ideas!