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Decorate Your Desk With Hex Connex and Flower Pens

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Hex Connex flower pens

All this back and fourth between rainy and sunny days as Spring prepares to stick around has me wanting to brighten my space. I enjoy decorating my desk seasonally to help make the days inside go by just a little bit quicker. Now that the rain and the sunshine are giving life to all the plants around me, it feels fitting to have some "plants" at my desk.

In the interest of maintenance, and honoring the potential allergies of my colleagues, I opted for fake flowers. Artificial flowers provide a nice touch of color and are easy to swap out seasonally at a low cost. There is something special about spring time flowers, so I wanted to do more than just plop the fake flowers in a vase and call it a day. 

I decided to make some flower pens, and ditch the vase in for the new Kapoosh Hex Connex. It turned out so cute. I made another one to give my Mom since Mothers Day is right around the corner. My Mom, like me, enjoys the simple things in life, including writing with a pen that looks like a flower. 

flower tape


• Fake flowers, whichever ones you like

• Paper flower tape

• Round stick pens

• Kapoosh Hex Connex, Short

Directions:flower pens

1. Snip the top off of each flower, leave a few inches to tape to pen 

2. Attach the flower to the pen using the paper flower tape, set the bloom right at the top of the pen. 

3. Place the flower pens in the Hex Connex. I put three in each!

4. Enjoy

Looks great on your desk at home or in the office! If you are feeling generous you could make a few to share in the office. It might be the perfect way to brighten someone's day.