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Decorate Kapoosh- For a Personalized Bridal Gift

Posted by Kapoosh® Team on

Wedding Kapoosh Finished

By this time in the year, I feel as if I am drowning in bridal shower and wedding invitations. I am always torn as to what gifts to get, I want to be thoughtful and creative, but also get them something useful- all without breaking the bank. After racking my brain for ideas for my latest shower gift, I realized I could get a gift that checked all those boxes. I love my Kapoosh, and kitchen utensils and accessories always make great shower or wedding gifts. I decided I could customize a knife block for them to display on their kitchen counter proudly. I chose the White Rondelle Knife Block because I felt the white was bridal and ideal for a wedding! 

Wedding Kapoosh Supplies


• White Rondelle Knife Block

• Medium Sized Alphabet Stickers 

• Large Initial of the Couples Last Name Stickers

I love to craft, and even more, I love how simple this gift is to make. 

Step By Step:

• Make sure the block has a nice clean surface

• Decide where you would like to put your stickers

• Choose what exactly you would like to say (I chose EST.       2015)

• Place stickers on knife block

• Gift wrap however you desire!

We'd love to see how you decorate your Kapoosh!