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Decorate a Kapoosh: Using Seasonal Ribbon

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

DIY Rondelle Knife BlockOur new favorite thing around the office is decorating and personalizing our Kapoosh's! The latest idea we've had is using ribbon to decorate your Kapoosh seasonally. It's so simple, and because you only need a little bit of fabric it is easy on the bank account as well! We used the  Rondelle Stainless Steel Knife Block, but you could do this method easily for whichever Kapoosh adorns your kitchen counter. 

Here's what you're going to need:

Kapoosh Knife Block

•Seasonal Ribbon (or any ribbon of choice)


•Glue Dots (or any non-permanent adhesive)

All I did once I had my supplies together was:

DIY decorated knife block

1. Used my Kapoosh to measure my ribbon, I left a few millimeters of overlap to over the "seam" and be sure there was no gap between the ends of the ribbon, and cut to size.

2. Then I stuck two glue dots vertically on my Kapoosh, and I used two because I was using a wide ribbon.

3. Placed one end of the ribbon over both glue dots, and wrapped it around the Kapoosh. I also put two glue dots on the back, because with the shape of the Rondelle I did not want the ribbon to sag in the back.

4. I finished off with two more glue dots right next to the first two, so that the ribbon was wrapped around the entire block.

5. Change seasonally, or whenever you find a great new ribbon- or simply leave it as is!