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Decorate A Kapoosh: Trick Or Treat Rondelle

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

DIY Halloween Rondelle

Delivering on my promise from the Halloween Clutter Cube blog, I have decorated a larger block for Halloween night. Like many people come Halloween night, I won't be home all night for Trick-Or-Treaters, but I'd still like to leave something out for those celebrating the night. I wanted to do something a little more creative than just setting out a bowl full of candy, but wasn't looking for a full-fledged project. I decided I would use my Rondell Knife Block to make a DIY sucker holder; after all, the mini one I made for the office has been a hit. 

Following the same idea, I used the same supplies some washi tape that I picked up from the dollar store, a large bag of Dumdums (or any suckers you like) and my Rondell Stainless Steel Knife Block. Any Kapoosh knife block would work perfect for this. The Black Rondelle would be extra festive with any orange, purple or green washi tape. 

I chose to spell out "Take 1" to invite the neighborhood kids to help themselves, though you could keep it simple with one strip of tape on either the top or the bottom of the block. Once you have decorated your block; however you like it, you can just fill it with suckers, and put it out on the front porch come Halloween night!