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Create Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Sundae Bar

Bring everyone together to cool off on a hot summer day. The kitchen is the center of your home and the perfect place to set up an ice cream sundae bar! Feeling wild, take this party outside.

Keep it small with just the family, or go all out inviting friends and relatives alike. It is something I do with my family a couple of times a month during the summer. It's a great way to motivate the kids to eat their dinner; after all, they can't have a sundae if they don't eat their meal. Play fair and make a meal you know they like for dinner; they'll be happy all around with tasty dinner followed by a sweet treat. Give them a little gimps of the treat they can get if they make a happy plate. Last time I showed mine what got if they finished dinner my youngest declared "I'm lucky!" and preceded to clean her plate completely. I switch it up a little bit each time we do an ice cream party, for the last one I kept it simple with:

• Vanilla Ice Cream

• Strawberry Drizzle

• Chocolate Sauce

• Sprinkles

You can add more ice cream flavors and toppings to fit your preferences. Celebrate your nutty family with an assortment of crushed nuts for your toppings!