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Chop like a Professional! Knife Cuts - Batonnet, Julienne, Dice and Rondelle

Posted by Kapoosh Team on

Ever wonder how we came up with our knife block names? We got creative, put our chef hats on and named them after different styles of knife cuts. Each one of our original knife blocks has a different knife cut themed name.

ind out below which is which and then cut and chop like a professional chef, next time you’re making your favorite dish. Remember to cut or chop your food at a similar thickness, this will help when cooking your vegetables to make sure the food cooks evenly and will have the same degree of doneness throughout.

Chop like a pro

Batonnet – Translated from French, Batonnet literally means “little sticks.” This is a strip cut, and the starting point for the dice cut.

Dice – Start with a Batonnet cut and then cut in cube shapes. Make cubes to the size you would need, depending on your liking or what the recipe calls for. Dice cut is always popular when makes chunky salsas.

Julienne – This cut is another strip cut that is very thin. You’ll have thin matchstick cuts when finished. Urban legend has it that this type of cut was named for Julia Child.

Rondelle – The easiest cut that any beginning chef can handle. This cut is basically a coin cut, especially in carrots as seen in our image. Cut thin or thick depending on what you’ll be using it for. For example cut thinner for a salad or a little thicker for a stew.