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Celebrate the Fourth of July Safely

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Fourth of July

Fourth of July weekend is so close I can almost taste it! A whole weekend of fun in the sun with family and friends, eating food off the grill and celebrating our Independence. Of course with all the fun, it's easy for things to get out of control and for accidents to happen; keep your holiday fun and safe.


Stepping out of the kitchen, and up to the grill this weekend? You should set up your grill away from the house and any other flammable objects. If you have small children or pets running around, keep them away from the grilling area and remind kids of the dangers of being near a hot grill.


Get the most out of your time outdoors by preventing sunburn and heat-related illness. Apply your sunscreen about 30 minutes before heading out the door, and bring it with you to reapply every couple hours. Scout out a shaded area to seek cover if you feel overheated or need a break from the sun. Pack enough water for everyone, and take water breaks often, to avoid dehydration and cool down.


The bright lights, the loud noises, fireworks are an Independence Day staple. They can also be as dangerous as they are fun so be sure to follow the local laws regarding fireworks sale and usage in your area. If you are setting them off on your own, do so away from any structures or flammables and keep children and pets away from the staging area. Never let children handle fireworks.


Remember that when it gets hot outside, our furry friends feel it as much as we do. Don't leave your pet outside for extended periods of time and make sure that their water dish is always full. If you are taking your pet away from home, check that their microchip registration and collar tags are up to date with your contact information.


Are you planning on playing in the water this weekend? Make sure you pack your life jackets, small children should wear their life jackets both in the water and anytime they will be near the water. Follow all water safety regulations wherever you go, especially when boating and water sports are involved.


Anticipate traffic. It is a notorious weekend for road trips, and construction is very typical this time of year. Drive safely and be aware of your surroundings, and traffic patterns. Get an early start on any road trips if you can, getting as much of the drive as possible done in daylight.