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Celebrate Organize Your Home Day With Kapoosh

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

Organize your home with Kapoosh

Did you know that January 14th is Organize Your Home Day? It seems that a holiday like this was made with Kapoosh in mind! At Kapoosh we help you keep your kitchen organized; however, we find new uses for Kapoosh in home organization all the time! For example, I have Rotating Utensil Holders in my kitchen, bathroom, dining room and office. 

The easiest place to start organizing your home with Kapoosh is in the kitchen:

1. Empty that knife drawer! Stop risking cutting yourself as you dig through all of your knives, a slotless knife block will hold your entire collection of mismatched cutlery. No need to mess with the slots on a traditional knife block that doesn't have room for your knives that didn't come with it. 

2. Empty your catch all utensil drawer. This is where kitchen utensils go to disappear, sure they are out of sight- but can you ever really find what you need in this drawer? At least in my house, when something enters the utensil "junk drawer" I forget I even have it. Organize these utensils neatly with the Rotating Utensil Holder. Pop in the removable riser for any short utensils for easy access. The Stainless steel design looks great on the counter, of course, if you prefer out of sight, you can keep your stocked utensil holder in a cabinet or pantry closet. 

Next, it is time to get creative about where you can use Kapoosh around the rest of your home! Refer to some of my favorite blogs below for inspiration: ↓↓ 

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