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Campfires and S'mores are Perfect For a Summer Night

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on


Gathering your favorite people around the fire pit, all talking and laughing while eating these messy treats is all part of the fun, the more your chocolate melts and makes a mess of your hands, the better. The easiest way to roast your marshmallows is to stick them on the end of a skewer and hold them over the fire until they are cooked just right. Skewers can be a tricky thing to store, and they seem to get lost and separated when they get tossed in a drawer. There is no "skewer" slot on your typical knife block, not that just one would work anyways.This is where my  Hex-Connex comes in handy. What's better than I fire roasted marshmallow? Putting that gooey treat on top of some chocolate and sandwiching it between a couple of graham crackers; also known as a s'more. Sure in a pinch these treats can be made in the microwave, but there is something about the fire roasted marshmallow that completes the dessert. 

I can fit all of my skewers in one tall caddy. I know that the sharp ends are safely inside the block, they are easy to access, and it doesn't take up much room on the counter or in a cabinet. When I am ready to use them to make kabobs on the grill or to roast some marshmallows, I can just grab the block and take it right outside with me.