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4 Steps to a Better Breakfast

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

better breakfast

When you break your fast each morning, make it count. Breakfast is your first step on the path of healthy eating each morning, will you start on the right foot, or spend the rest of your day recovering from a rough start.

Making smart choices early on sets you on the path to make healthy choices the rest of the day. If you eat something sugary and processed you'll be hungry again pretty quickly; if you try to "save calories" and skip the meal, you'll end up over-indulging later. Check out our four simple steps to start the day right:

1.Prep Before Bed

If you are anything like me, you roll out of bed and get out of the house as quickly as possible in the morning. That means there isn't much time to spend making something to eat. If you pack something to grab on the way out the door before you go to bed, all that is left to do in the morning is remember to eat it or take it with you before you leave. It is the perfect excuse to try overnight oats or to pack the ingredients for your favorite parfait. If you prefer something easy to eat in the car, bake a pan of healthy muffins, perfect for grabbing as you run out the door and eating with one hand.

2. Avoid Sugary Drinks

There are endless options you can drink to start your day, but unfortunately, many of them come loaded with sugar. A hot cup of Joe is my favorite thing about mornings, but I avoid adding sugar to it. Black coffee is great, but if you must sweeten it get a little creative, I put honey in mine, don't knock it until you try it. Water is always your safest bet. You need to drink it throughout the day anyways, no need to sweeten it, and it helps you feel full longer.

3. Go for Naturally Sweet

Just like our drinks, our breakfast options can include a lot of sugar. Want to keep your morning sweet? Go for nature's candy and throw some fruit in the mix, some fresh berries are sweet, delicious, and nutritious. Toss them in with your yogurt, eat them alone, or make a well-rounded smoothie.

4. Protein

Get the most out of your breakfast and feel full longer by including protein. Eggs are an excellent way to pack in some protein at breakfast, and your options for preparing them are seemingly endless.