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3 Ways to Enjoy Ladies Night In, with Wine and Cheese

Posted by The Kapoosh® Team on

cheese and cutting board

Ladies, you work hard, you deserve a night of fun with your girls! You don't always need a night out to let loose, some of the best nights are girls nights in.

Grab some wine, and pick up some of that fancy cheese you are always eyeing at the grocery store. My favorite way to serve cheese is by spreading it all out on a cute cutting board and letting people cut their slices. Since some people get a little food shy, you can cut the first few slices, to ensure they aren't afraid to dig in. My go to serving cutting boards are my Kapoosh Bamboo ones. The stylish bamboo looks great in any setting.  

Not sure what to do? Don't stress about planning your relaxing night, these three go to's are sure to keep the laughs going all night.

1. Movies

Movies and TV shows are a great thing to have on in the background while everyone takes their turn to vent. Everyone can bring their favorite chick flick, and you can vote on which to watch. Or you can bond over the complicated lives of the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

2. Games

There are too many fun card and board games out there. I can think of few better ways to clear your mind then getting into a game of Clue, or Apples to Apples. Be warned, the more fun the game, the faster your night will fly by.

3. Gossip

Let's be honest, no matter what else you do for your girls night in, you are going to get your dose of gossip. It is the perfect time to get caught up on each other's lives and share all the details you don't share in your day to day texting or messaging.

Let your toughest decision of the night be answering the question: red or white? Enjoy!